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Biological Father Of Michael Jackson's Children and Personal Doctor, Arnold Klein Dies At 70



Michael Jackson’s doctor Arnold Klein has died, aged 70. The renowned dermatologist was hospitalised for severe chest pains in Palm Springs earlier this week. He then passed away at 7:50pm local time on Thursday.

Dr Klein enjoyed a long and lustrous career with a list of clients that once included Elizabeth Taylor, Dolly Parton and Goldie Hawn. Known as the father of Botox, he also formed a close friendship with his regular patient Michael Jackson.
However after Michael’s death in 2009, Dr Klein fell from grace after allegations that he may have led to Jackson’s decline.
It was reported that the medicine man was responsible for injecting Michael with Demerol 51 times in the three months before his death, as well as administering him Propofol under the pretext that it was for acne treatment.

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