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I ‘ll Remarry, If God Says So — Chika Ike



Nollywood actress, Chika Ike may not have a special man in her life at the moment, after her marriage with Ebiribi crashed two years ago, but she is optimistic that she will remarry someday.
The adorable actress told POTPOURRI   in a chat, that she will remarry as long as God approves it. “I will remarry if God says so,” she declares. Chika  expressed joy that her elder sister, Vivien has followed her footsteps, as she recently debuted in Nollywood.
What it means to be in the same industry with my sibling
It is great to see that I have a sibling that is in the same industry with me. I am happy about it. When she told me she wanted to join the industry, I supported her. This is because before now, Vivien has always wanted to be in Nollywood. It didn’t come to me as a shock because she accompanied me to my first audition ever before I became an actress. She was there with me, but she had to travel out of the country at that time.
Growing up with Vivien
Growing up with Vivien was fun. We are sisters,though she’s one year older than myself. We agreed to disagree while growing up. I am going to give her my hundred and one percent support. Whatever she needs from me, I will be there for her. I have been in the industry for close to a decade now. So, I believe I know so much about the industry compared to her. I am here for her, whatever she needs from me, I will be willing to support her. My advice to her is to never  give up. The industry is not a bed of roses: there are peaks and valleys. When you get to your peaks, you celebrate and when you get to your valleys, you endure it, hoping to celebrate again.
My reality TV show, the African Diva
It is doing very well. We have just completed our first season which was won by Love Egbule. Right how, we are registering for the second season. It has been wonderful, I have been busy touring African countries. I have been to Ghana, Togo, Côte d‘Ivoire and Benin Republic. I have been doing media tour creating awareness about the brand. It is something that has come to stay. It is something I am very passionate about, so far so good.” The winner of the first season,Egbule, which had about 22 contestants went home with N4 million, an acting contract, one year supply of Fancy Nancy accessories, cover girl of VL Magazine and other prizes. She also had her acting debut in a movie titled “All Of Me” which is produced by Chika’s Productions. Winner of the second season of the reality show will smile home with a huge sum of $10,000, a brand new car, acting career for one year and supply of fancy Nancy accessories.
What inspired the project
I have always had this idea of appreciating and glorifying the African woman. I said to myself, what can I do to give back to the society and at the same time to entertainment people and promote our cultures and traditions.   The show focuses on the search for the ideal African woman. That was how I came up with the project.
Because of your tight schedule, you no longer have time to hit movie locations?
I have been working but not as much as I used to work before now. This is because when you are busy, you have to also prioritize things. You can’t do as much as you used to do before because of your schedule. Yes, I am still working, but also, doing this at the corner. So, right now, my attention and my work schedule are being shared.
Are you not thinking of producing your own movies?
I am already a producer. My movie, Miss Teacher, will be in the cinema on 25th September. I just finished a production with the winner of African Diva Season One . It is called All of Me. So, I have produced two movies now and also, my production outfit for my African Diva show.
Since debuting in the industry in 2005
I think I have been on the path of self- discovery. I have discovered myself as a woman. I have also discovered myself as a business woman. I have grown in the industry, and I have also embraced the change that has happened in my life. A lot of things have changed about me. It is normal. I have discovered the woman I am, and I have learnt the art of running a business empire.
People misunderstanding me
I don’t know why it happens, but everybody has their own opinion about how they see people. Basically, I am who I am.
What I look out for in a script
The story, and then, I want to know who I am working with. I reject scripts for two reasons, either the story isn’t good or the fee is discouraging.
I will remarry when God says so. I want to be the best I can be in my chosen career.

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