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BOKO HARAM: President Buhari Promises Amnesty, Spells Out Terms



Reports say President Buhari is considering giving amnesty to all Boko Haram prisoners, if the group leaders agree to release the Chibok girls.

According to Punch Newspapers, Buhari in his interview with Agence France Presse ( AFP), said “We are trying to see whether we can negotiate with the Boko Haram prisoners in our custody for the release of the Chibok girls.”

Adding that “If the Boko Haram leadership eventually agrees to turn over the Chibok girls to us, the complete number, then we may decide to give them amnesty.”

He also said “We are trying to establish if they are bona fide, how useful they are in Boko Haram, have they reached a position of leadership where their absence is of relevance to the operation of Boko Haram?”

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