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PHOTO: 68-Year-Old Grandma Turns Cannibal; Kills And Eats 14 People



Self-confessed serial killer Tamara Samsonova, 68, may have experimented with cannibalism as she brutally murdered each of her 11 victims. Over two decades, the senior woman beheaded and dismembered her victims while cataloguing the kills in a diary which was recently discovered by police.

Samsonova, known as the “Granny Ripper,” was arrested after being spotted disposing of her latest victim near her home. Russian police believe the St. Petersburg former hotel worker may have eaten some of the body parts, namely heads, arms, and legs, that she removed from her victims.

It seems the woman also ate the lungs of her victims as the internal organs were reportedly removed from their bodies. Samsonova’s final victim, Valentina Ulanova, may have been cut to pieces while still alive. Samsonova was the woman’s carer at the time. She appears to have given the woman a sleeping pill overdose before taking a hacksaw to her body. St. Petersburg detective Mikhail Timoshatov said:

“Tamara Samsonova says that at first she made her friend sleep – and then cut her into pieces.”

Now that police have acquired the killer’s diary, they are trying to link her diary entries with the remaining unsolved murder cases around the city. Police found a saw, knife, and blood in the bathroom of the “Granny Ripper’s” home.

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One of Samsonova’s diary entries details how she murdered a former lodger with brutal description. She wrote:

“I killed my tenant Volodya, cut him to pieces in the bathroom with a knife, put the pieces of his body in plastic bags and threw them away in the different parts of Frunzensky district.”

The diary contains snippets of her daily life in addition to her murders, as if the murders are simply regular nonchalant occurrences in her routine. While in custody, the woman seemed worrisome about her reputation. She told journalists:

“I knew you would come . . . It’s such a disgrace for me, all the city will know. I was getting ready for this court action for dozens of years. It was all done deliberately . . . There is no way to live. With this last murder I closed the chapter.”

She then blew a kiss to reporters.

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