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Man Shoots His Estranged Wife 8 Times After He Found Out She Filed For Divorce



Authorities said a northern New Jersey man shot his estranged wife eight times after he found out she filed for divorce.
Marc Harrison, of Bayonne, faces charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and several weapons offenses and bail has been set at $500,000.
The mother of his three children was found by police in her Jersey City home on Thursday morning, according to the newspaper.

Hudson County prosecutors said she identified Harrison as the shooter and told police that he shot her ‘because I filed for divorce.’
The woman’s 3 young children apparently were not home when the shooting occurred.

She was hospitalized in critical condition, the newspaper reported, but further details on her injuries were not disclosed.
The criminal complaint says Harrison shot the woman “while acting with the kind of culpability otherwise required for the commission of the crime of murder and engaged in conduct which would constitute the crime of murder if the attendant circumstances were as a reasonable person would believe them to be.”`
Harrison was arrested Thursday and a handgun was recovered, according to a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation.
Harrison’s bail was set at $500,000 cash.