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Reward Amaechi’s Courageous Support, Northern Community Tells Buhari



Northern community in the South South has called on President Muhamadu Buhari to adequately reward former governor Chibuike Amaechi for the role he played in making him President of the country.
Speaking at the end of a meeting of the body yesterday in Port Harcourt, Chairman of the northern community in the South south, Alhaji Muhamadu Ali-Kwande lauded former governor Amaechi, describing him as one of the few courageous and transparent Nigerians President Buhari should have around him in government.
Alhaji Ali-Kwande recalled that Amaechi stood firmly behind Buhari during the presidential race to the point that people from his South south region called him all sort of names.
Continuing, he said it was now time for President Buhari to genuinely reward a man who gave him all the support even at the risk of his life,
“Amaechi almost lost his life because of his support for Buhari , he stood his ground for Buhari. He said he was supporting an Hausa man because of what past Hausa Presidents have done for the state. He said the former President did not do anything for the state so he will not support him.
Now it is the turn of Buhari to reciprocate. We thank Amaechi. And I believe that Buhari can’t forget Amaechi. “, he said.
Alhaji Ali-Kwande said some northerners voted for Buhari because of the support they saw Amaechi giving him.
Fielding questions from newsmen on the nature of responsibility he wanted President Buhari to assign Amaechi Ali-Kwande said it was a decision that the President was in a better position to take.
“Buhari knows Amaechi more than me. I leave President Buhari to know what to do with Amaechi. God helped Amaechi for Buhari to succeed. You can imagine how it would have been for Amaechi if Buhari had not won the election.
Buhari should take care of Amaechi very well.
Even some people in the north identified with Buhari because of Amaechi.”, he said.

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