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Emmanuel Adebayor's Mother and Brother Rotimi Are Now Begging for His Forgiveness



According to reports, Emmanuel Adebayor’s mother Alice and his younger brother, Rotimi have apologized to him following a visit of a delegation from Nigeria. The delegation, who are family members and friends, and have been following the drama happening online in the Adebayor household, met with Emmanuel and his siblings- in Didjole and Avedji in Lome, Togo in a bid to settle the rift between them.
According to a member of the delegation, Emmanuel Folorunsho, who confirmed this to Sunday Sunsports in a phone chat, Adebayor’s mother was remorseful and even prayed for his son but the football star is yet to accept their plea owing to some reasons which he wouldn’t like to reveal.
“We met Alice at the market in Koviakope where she sells kitchen utensils. She was quite surprised to see us. She presented her own case and prayed for his son.
Although the former Gunners striker and his mother didn’t see each other, she had reasons to ask him to forgive and let peace reign in the family. Soon after, we met Sheyi and conveyed the message to him”
Emmanuel’s brother Rotimi, who reportedly survived a suicide attempt 10 days ago, was at the meeting in Adebayor’s house in Didjole. When Sunday Sunsports put a call through to the Royale FC of Benin striker, he confirmed that his elder brother, Emmanuel invited him and he obliged.
“I was at home in Avedji when he called me to join the peace meeting. I prostrated to him for long hours, begging and seeking for forgiveness. I am really frustrated now and I really expect him to pardon us now”
Sunday Sunsports asked Rotimi about his reaction when Emmanuel Adebayor refused to blink while insisting that Rotimi is unwilling to change his attitude. Rotimi, who claimed to have been psychologically affected by the rancour said he only want his brother to forget the past.
“I am very ill now and I need money to treat myself. I also need cash to pay for my house rent, which is already due for payment. I asked him to assist me but he refused. I hope my plea would not be for nothing”
Emmanuel Adebayor seems to be ready to fight on and ignore the plea tendered by Rotimi and his mum. However, Rotimi reveals that Lucia, the last child of the family is the only sibling Emmanuel Adebayor holds no grudge against.
Kinsmen to go spiritual over crisis
After the failed attempt to resolve the lingering crisis between Emmanuel Adebayor, the super rich son of Igbaye, Osun State and his siblings, the four-man delegation from Nigeria are leaving no stone unturned in their bid to create a peaceful situation between the two parties.
Sunday Sunsports has confirmed that the delegation and other members of the family in both Igbaye, where Adebayor’s father hailed from and Ekusa, his mother’s hometown, are now making frantic efforts to consult spiritualists as a way to combat the crisis.
Emmanuel Folorunsho who was in the team that met with Emmanuel Adebayor in Lome, added his own view in support of the move.
“It is true that we have plans to meet with spiritualists because we have met the two parties and there is a deadlock at the moment. We cannot fold our arms and leave the situation in a messy state neither are we going to wait for it to get messier.”
“All I know is that prayer is the key and we’ll employ that to solve the situation. We hope God Almighty will speak to them and a lasting peace will reign.”
Last week, the Onigbaye of Igbaye, His Royal Majesty, Oba Joseph Morounfoye Okunlola stated that the family have met and consulted Ogun, the Yoruba god of iron concerning the situation in Emmanuel Adebayor’s family. He went on to say that they must appease the gods if their situation is to change.
Sunday Sunsports called the Monarch to seek his opinion about the reports presented to him by the delegation when they returned to Igbaye from Lome, Togo.
He backed the idea while noting that peace is paramount at this stage as he also hopes to invite some members of the family for another meeting.
“I have received their report and I must confess that they have done their best. However, we’re still in it and hopefully the matter would be solved amicably soon.”
The Monarch also revealed that they are likely to make a second trip to Ghana but the elders and close family members would be in the second delegation when they decide to visit Emmanuel Adebayor.

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