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31-Year-Old Teacher Rapes 10-Year-Old Primary School Student In Ibadan



A 31-year-old teacher working with a private school in Ibadan, Oyo State, Adebola Adetola, has been arrested by the Oyo State Police Command after the family of a Primary Three pupil (names withheld) reported to the police and accused him of  having sex with their daughter.
The pupil, whose parents said will clock 10 in July this year, was said to have opened up to the parents on Thursday, June 4, on what had been going on between her and her teacher, leading to his arrest on Friday, June 5.
The teacher, who attends a popular Pentecostal church in Ibadan, is due for wedding with his fiancee in August.
But the suspect told Crime Reports that he did not commit the crime he was being accused of, though he admitted that the girl used to play in his room and would sleep on his rug after school hours.
Speaking with Crime Reports, the girl, who said the suspect was a teacher in her school as well as her after-school lesson teacher, stated:
“I used to help Mr Adetola to carry his things to his house. He used to teach me and four others lesson after school hours.
“One day, when others had left, he asked me to sleep on the bed and remove my pants. He removed his boxers and molested me from the back. He shook and a whitish thing came out of him. He wiped it with toilet roll. Since then, he had been doing the same thing to me. It had been on for some time before my mother discovered on Thursday.
“He used to give me N5 and would also buy biscuit for me. I was using the money to buy sweets (candies) from my mother’s shop.”
The girl said she did not tell her mother of her experience because the teacher warned her against it, threatening that he would beat her seriously if she did.
Explaining his side of the story, Adetola said the girl was his student, adding that he was also very close to her parents.
“She used to come to my room and would sleep on my rug. Her parents are well aware of her closeness to me. I have never slept with her, not to talk of cleaning her up as she claimed.
“It is true I used to buy things for her and give her money, but I had no ulterior motive for doing this  other than the fact that I was close to her family. I was surprised when police came to my school this morning to arrest me for defilement.”
But Crime Reports learnt that the suspect’s mother told the police that her son once did the same thing to his niece 10 years ago.

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