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Xenophobia: South African Fan Blasts Ghanaian Star Actor, John Dumelo On Instagram



A South African fan has asked John Dumelo not to visit South Africa anymore following comments on the xenophobic violence he posted on Instagram.
Few minutes after Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo took to his Instagram account last Friday, April 17, 2015 to condemn the xenophobic attacks by South Africans on immigrants from several African countries, an angry South African fan responded with a warning to the actor not to ever step into the country anymore.
John Dumelo posted: The fact that a man can take the life of another, without any justification and with arrogance impunity is depressing. We constantly lament the evils of terrorism and orchestrated religious attacks, but to what do we owe this? What did we (other Africans) ever do you South Africa?
The lady’s response: If you hate SA so bad, then don’t ever come here.
You never saw us in Ghana all of you stay the hell away. Jeez so much hate for us why? You the ones who come here mos. Hambani suka nxa
Although the actor was yet to respond to the threat, other fans of his have lashed out at the female South African with Instagram handle: @ The lady’s bio says she is an Editor/founder of Kings & Queens Mag and Managing Director of Redlips Media.

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