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19-Yrs-Old Girl Drinks Body Lotion For 2 Days To Survive During Al-Shabaab Attack At Garrissa University



A survivor of the attack in Kenya, Cynthia Cheroitich who spent two days hiding in a wardrobe had to drink body lotion to survive. The young woman was rescued 2 days after Al-Shabaab militant group from Somalia stormed Garissa University College Kenya on Thursday, April 2, 2015, killing over 147 Christian students.
According to the 19-year-old who was rescued yesterday, April 4, 2015, she was initially too petrified to believe police officers were not Al-Shabaab gunmen when they came to rescue her. Left with nothing to eat and lacking strength, Cynthia, currently in the hospital where she is receiving intensive care, said she drank body lotion to boost her hopes of survival.

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