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WTF! Woman Beat Teacher In Front Of Students For Sleeping With Husband



A woman savagely beat a teacher in front of her students after claiming that the teacher was having an affair with her husband. But instead of the students and other members of staff to stop the fight, they stood aside, watched the fight, filmed it and uploaded the clip on Youtube. Dang!!
35 year old Laelia Paredes Flores, stormed into the classroom in Huimanguillo in south-east Mexico, and attacked 32 year old Marcella Villalpando Tovar.

Tovar was kicked, punched in her face and stomach and jumped on. And her students didn’t do anything to stop it. In fact, another woman can be heard off camera encouraging the beat down. Wow!
Student Miriam Gracia Adomo, 16, said: “The woman charged in and began shouting and screaming before punching our teacher to the floor.That’s when I ran to get help. But when other teachers came they just stood around watching. It was really terrible, terrible.”
After the act was widely condemned, a school spokesperson released a statement saying;
“The woman claimed that our teacher was having an affair with the husband of one of the student’s dads and the mother took exception. We are appalled that this attack happened in our school and that nothing was done to stop it, and we shall be carrying out a full investigation.”

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