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STRANGE! Rapist’ Monkeys Invade Kenyan Town, Assault, Undress Women



“Recently a woman was assaulted by more than 10 male monkeys. They had opened their mouths roaring and were holding their genitals to intimidate her”
Those were the words of Esther Wangui, a resident of Endarasha, Nyeri county in Kenya where people now live in fear of monkeys and baboons from a nearby park.
Wangui added that another woman was assaulted and undressed when she tried to prevent the primates from invading her farm.
She said the monkeys and baboons from the Aberdare National Park, Kieni West subcounty, have been invading their farms in troops of about 50.
Resident John Kariuki said the animals’ population has been increasing because they are getting food from the farms and not enough from the park.
“The animals are just giving birth to twins. Our population in the village is still low because we are working hard but not getting enough food,” Kariuki said.