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Read Dr Sid’s Response To D’banj’s Allegations On Mo’hits Break Up



In December 2014, D’banj was a guest on Olisa Adibua’s show ‘The Truth’, where he categorically stated that Dr Sid broke up Mo’hits records. Well, Dr Sid, who has been in New York studying at the New York Film Academy, has finally responded to D’banj’s allegation. He was a recent guest on Bouqui’s Place, a radio show on Rhema House Radio, Los Angeles, anchored by popular Nigerian Female rapper, Bouqui. On the show, a caller called in to ask Dr Sid to respond to D’banj’s claims, and he said,
‘Obviously there’s a lot of people involved, so there are some things I can’t talk about, but in general, with every beautiful things in life, there are circles, things start and things end. Mo’hits was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had, it’s one of the things that took my career to the next level, and I appreciate every single moment I had in there, things happened, we grew older, and we grew apart, and glory be to God, every single person that was on Mo’hits records is doing well today, and that’s life in general.’ He continued: ‘With regards to someone saying that I am the cause, I just would ask any individual in their right mind to literally think how I can tell a Don Jazzy and Dbanj that have been making millions together to break up It’s not even remotely possible or remotely true. Like I told Bouqui earlier on, I am a team player, I think of the team first before myself, and that’s how I’ve always been in Mo’hits till the end. I fought for the team, and now in Mavin I’m fighting for the team, and I will always fight for the team’.

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