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Pope Francis Commends Economy Under Jonathan’s Watch



Only few days ago, Vatican Radio released a letter by Pope Francis to Bishops in Nigeria to express his closeness to them in prayers as well as addressing issues surrounding the country Nigeria.
The 2nd paragraph of the letter, the pontiff spoke highly of the Nigerian economy which has grown to the largest in Africa in “recent years”, under Jonathan’s watch. Pope Francis wrote:
“NIGERIA, known as the “African giant”, with its more than 160 million inhabitants, is set to play a primary role, not only in Africa but in the world at large. In recent years, it has experienced robust growth in the economic sphere and has again reasserted itself on the world stage as an attractive market, on account of its natural resources as well as its commercial potential. It is now considered officially the single largest African economy. It has also distinguished itself as a political player widely committed to the resolution of crisis situations in the continent.”
The text of the letter has elicited reactions mostly favorable to the President Jonathan camp as they struggle to convince Nigerians of the Economic growth in the face of the APC’s heavy propaganda Machinery.
According to Wole Akinyeye “Can anyone take this from us? But it only happened under the watch of a VISIONARY LEADER-GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN! ‪#‎GEJTill2019 is the demand of majority of NIGERIANS”
Ms. Eleanya Onwuka “APC will soon claim President Goodluck Jonathan paid the Pope for his statement on Nigeria’s growth. APC is a party full of lies and deceptions as exposed by the Deputy Governor of Rivers State. God Bless Nigeria, God Bless President Goodluck Jonathan”
Another commenter Mr. Richard, he said “Good deed has a way of speaking for itself. Good luck Jonathan is working, it’s no fiction, the world at large is attesting to that fact. Vote him to do more!”
“Pope Francis also attest to the growth of the Nigerian economy. Whose report do you believe? Don’t let the APC propaganda agents deceive you.”
Timi Remi-Meindinyo also said “Never again are we allowing a confirmed NITWIT rule us again! To reverse all the gains we have painstakingly achieved under the able leadership of President GEJ. Never again. Thank you and God bless Pope Frances.”
The Pope’s endorsement of Nigerian Economic growth sends a strong message to many more Nigerians who exalt his office as the pontiff cannot be seen to be an agent of the PDP or President Jonathan

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