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Married Female Teacher Caught Having Sex With 4 Male Students



A married female teacher, Erica Lynne Mesa, 28, has been sentenced to a 22-year stretch in prison after she was convicted for having sex with four of her students in a bizarre foursome. The teenage boys lined up and mounted her one after the other on several occasions on her matrimonial bed while her businessman husband was at work.
Mesa was a Mathematics teacher at Colonial Forge High School in Virginia, USA. She pleaded guilty to two counts of electronic solicitation of a minor and two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
According to the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office, rumors circulated at the school about the teacher having sex with students before the school then received an anonymous tip about Mesa, and the police were called.
She admitted to having sex with 4 students because it made her feel ‘attractive and wanted.’
Mesa told police that she had sex with one student in her car in a public parking lot on his 18th birthday.
Mesa also told police that she had sex with teens at her home when her husband was away. She said that she made the boys wait their turns while she had sex with another boy.

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