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Chidinma Denies Ever Dating Flavour, Says She Is Looking For A Ghanaian Lover



Singer Chidinma has been romantically linked with Nigerian music star Flavour after the two of them shared a passionate kiss in the music video for their recent collaboration ‘Ololufemi’. Speaking With Us, the singer denied the rumors explaining that the kiss, although seemed real was only a mere act.
“It’s just work. It’s very easy for us to come and work together. I remember the first time we worked on his song Oh Baby, I went to his studio and I recorded and he was like: ‘No change this one, change this one”.
She added that working on the “Ololufemi” song was however not any different. “… He just called me and said there was a song he wants us to work on and he said he felt like at that time I was the perfect person to work the song”.
“And then I went over to the studio and then I heard the song and I was like: ‘Wow I love the song!’ “It was not the video. Right from the recording, it was just fun, it was just so much fun. It’s very easy to work with Flavour,” she said.
The “Kedike” singer however expressed interest in making Ghana her second home and asked for help in finding a Ghanaian “lover” to make her decision solid when she was asked if her presence in the country for holidays signified her interest in settling down in the country or buying a vacation house as many of her Nigerian colleagues have done.
“If you guys get me a house right here in Ghana, maybe I would just make it my second home and be here every weekend and just probably make here my second home and probably just get me a lover here” so then some people promised to make her dream come true.
“Don’t worry I’ll make that happen. I’m taken, but I will make that happen for you”, they stated.

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