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Can’t Find Your Name On The NYSC Senate List, Try This



National Youth Service Corps recently released a Senate List telling all graduated students who haven’t served to verify their names are on it but there have been issues with peeps saying they cant find their names;
Relax, here is good news for you. There are two ways to solve this;
1. There must have been a mix up in the date of birth that is you must have written it as DD/MM/YYYY and they mixed it up as MM/DD/YYYY
2. Despite not finding your name there; you can proceed to the online registration where you fill in your e-mail and security question after which you will be sent a confirmation link. go to your mail to access this link which then directs you to a step 2 page. continue filling the step 2 form till u see a slot where you will fill in your matric number, if you fill it; it will auto-generate your graduation details… then you will be able to know if or if not; your name is on the NYSC site
And if not… kindly go back to your school for complaint. Thanks
For the Online Registration – Click HERE and Select Registration for Mobilization Batch A, 2015

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