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An Open Letter To NCC On MTN Spam Messages



Seems am not the only one pissed with the spam messages being sent on daily basis (sometime hourly) by telecom operators in Nigeria. Below is a message to NCC by someone who nurse sane feeling as I do the Telecoms operators in Nigeria.
Dear NCC,
Please take action on MTN. I can no longer stand
my inbox, no thanks to them. This madness has
been going on for a couple of months but it
reached its crescendo mid-last month.
I feel these messages are a form of punishment to
me concerning the last letter I wrote to MTN. I have called 180 twice to complain of this but each time,
the customer service guy cuts me off with ‘Thank
you for calling maam’.
These messages sometimes comes in form of flash
messages, meaning, if I carelessly touch my screen,
How can they ask a grown up like me to
text indomie to 5030 to know the colour of
indomie pack. Are they mad or silly?
I should text YES to 5038 if I am tired of being
broke. Do they know who my father is?
I should text IQ for daily riddles. Don’t I have better
daily problems to solve?
All these messages costs N50 naira. Are they that
This is coming at a time I have four creditors. I’m on
the verge of hypertension each time my inbox
blinks. Rather than get credit alerts, here is what I
This is how it all began! I receive four spam
messages within three hours. A summary of my
inbox that week.
I sms stop to opt out. Lai lai dem no gree. They
replied me with the same spam!
Finally, I became humble. I had to plead with them
but my pleas fell on deaf ears reason I had to make
this public.
I also want to us this opportunity to make three
facts clear to MTN.
1. I will never ever buy any callertunez! The sooner
they stop telling me to text 33112 to 4100 to
receive olodo girl (WTH does that mean anyway) as
callertunez, the better for them.
2. I have and will never be ill. Stop insulting me by
asking ‘Are you tired of getting ill?’ Have some
3. They send me messages as early as 4am. Are
these people witches or wizards?
These messages would have been understandable
if I won my phone from them.
I am honestly tired of being victimised. Looking at
the dates of the messages, this letter is long
overdue. When I attempted to write last week, they
doubled my airtime balance by 100% but I came back to my senses when the unused credit was
withdrawn from my phone at midnight.
Please NCC, don’t advise me to port to another
network. For some weird reasons I’m stuck with
them that’s why I need this change.
I have been tolerating MTN for 9 years.
I have been an Arsenal fan for 9 years.
I have been banking with ECOBank for 9 years.
PHCN has been my sole provider of power supply.
(Generator spoilt 9 years ago)
I have been single for 9 years.
Do you guys feel the pain of a Nigerian girl?
NCC, please do something!
My email address is [email protected]
should MTN need my three MTN phone numbers to
effect this change.
Thank you.

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