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40% Of All First Borns Are Not From Their Fathers – Lagos DNA Expert



Lagos DNA expert, Dr. Oyinwola Azeez has revealed 40% of every first born in all families are not from their fathers. Oyinwola who has been practising this trade for years spoke from his record to City People magazine in his Lagos hospital. Hear him;
I can tell you this happens to so many men. Do you know that 40percent of most of the first born don’t belong to their so called biological fathers; all over the world, reason? Most of the ladies often have one or two boyfriends, he said.
Mr Oyinwola however said he ventured into the trade after his own personal experience. He lost his wife and decided to give another woman a chance. He met this lady in London and invited her to Germany when he went for a visit. She came, they made love and that was it. After one year she called him to say, well that night’s love making has resulted into twins, he was shocked and then said okay.
After a while, he flew to London at exactly when the twins were one, he went with one of his friends and they had a birthday celebration for the kids. He started taking responsibilities, after two years he bought her a car.
After the whole scene, it was already four years that he lost his wife and wanted to give marriage a second chance. So he flew to London again, but before flying he told his brothers about the twins and said, he will carry out a DNA test, and if they were his he will be bringing them home, his brother agreed and he left. When he got to London, they went for a DNA test, while waiting for the test, they flew to Italy for dinner. After a while when they got back to London, he remembered the test and said, Lady let me check my mail, lo and behold the kids were not his. He was disappointed and he left.
But before then, he was already planning to move her in to Nigeria. She was already dictating to the carpenter the way she wanted her room to be and so on. The whole plans got shattered because she lied, that was how I would have been training another man’s children, he explained.

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