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3-Year-Old Did Something An Adult Wouldn't Do



This is a touching experience by Twaci, I decided to share with you all:
I have a very troublesome younger brother. He is our last born, about 3-4yrs, and always manages to get on everyone’s nerves, one way or the other.
Whenever he gets on my mum’s bad side, she would beat him and he would come running to me. I would ask him what he did wrong, admonish him and place his head on my laps. Then, I would sing his fav. song (My bonnie) to him while I tap him to sleep. Then he would wake up happy and ready to ‘find’ another person’s trouble.
Well yesterday, I got into a row with my mum. We exchanged words and got slapped. In tears, I ran to my room and my little bro followed me.
He sat beside me for sometime and then asked softly, “An-twaci…..” (Mind u, he is the one responsible for my moniker), “….what did you do?”.
I stared back dumbly. I couldn’t tell him. So I settled with, “I spoke back to mummy. Its a very bad thing to do”.
He nodded, then tapped his small laps, “Lie down”.
I stifled a surprised smile and obeyed gently knowing that my full weight would hurt him, “Okay”.
Then he said, “Don’t talk back at mummy, u hear?”. I nodded, “Okay”.
To my further surprise, he tapped my head gently and sang “My bonnie”.
I smiled and feigned sleep cause I knew he wouldn’t stop till I had slept. When he was sure I had ‘slept-off’, he dozed off in the same position.
This experience taught me a lot about a child’s love and I thought I should share it. Children learn from the way u treat them, either good or bad. How do u treat them? (Food for thought).
NB: I apologized to mumsi and we are good now.
Do recount your experiences with kids (yours children or not), let’s learn from the ‘ants’.

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