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"Pregnant Tonto Dikeh Had 2 Abortions, She Aborted 2 Babies & Has 3 Sugar Daddies" – Ex-Boyfriend Says



Last week Monday, exclusively reported the story of Tonto Dikeh’s pregnancy that started from Instagram. However, the actress claims the instagram account that shared the pregnancy photos is not hers.
On Saturday, was contacted by the person who opened the instagram account that exposed Tonto Dikeh’s secret pregnancy.
To cut the story short, I called up the guy who identified himself as JJ today and we had a bit of discussion.
The Lagos Island big boy requested anonymity because he’s now happily married.
He claimed that he impregnated Tonto Dikeh around the time she met Malivehood (her now ex-boyfriend) in November 2013 and 3 months later, Tonto Dikeh aborted the pregnancy that eventually led to their breakup.
He said there is a popular clinic in Abuja where the abortion took place and that his immediate brother worked there and that was how he got to know.
To cut the long story short, the guy is very angry with Tonto Dikeh for having another abortion in less than one year.
According to him, his brother called him again that Tonto Dikeh had visited the clinic again for another round of abortion.
He also alleged that Tonto has 3 sugar daddies, one in Abuja, another one in Ondo state and that she is also dating a very popular politician in Lagos who is the one paying for all her lavish charity tours.
He warned the actress to desist from killing babies in order to escape the wrath of God.
He concluded that he was the one who opened the Instagram account to reveal that she’s pregnant last week in order to prevent her from having another abortion since it has become her custom. asked JJ if he’s ready for a 1-1 interview with Tonto Dikeh on this sensitive issue and he turned it down.
“Like I told you am happily married to the woman of my dream, I don’t want anything to happen to my marriage” – JJ concluded.

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