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Policemen Allegedly Rape Girl After Catching Her With Drugs



The policemen chose to rape her instead of arresting her when they found out she was in possession of illicit drugs.
A 25-year-old girl in Abuja has revealed that she was defiled by policemen who accosted her and found illicit drugs in her possession.
Abigail, who is a resident in the FCT, recounted her r*pe ordeal in the hands of policemen who she said were about to arrest her after she admitted to the use of illicit drugs.
Abigail said she was defiled after the policemen chose to have sex with her instead of arresting her.
“They forcefully climbed me to make love with me, so I was begging that it will just be one person but they refused and took turns to have sex with me, my body was violated,” Abigail recalled.
According to YouthRISE Nigeria, a Non-Governmental organisation with support of Open Society Institute of West Africa (OSIWA), Abigail’s case is just one out of the many cases of human right abuse that young people who use drugs do experience in the hand of law enforcement officers.
“Other cases include arbitrary and prolonged arrest, denial of access to justice, extortion, being beaten, getting locked up without food for days, s*xual harassment, r*pe, forced rehabilitation and use of severe torture to make people drug free.
The perpetrators of these abuse are not limited to law enforcement officers but included family members, religious centres and many more,” the NGO revealed their statement.

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