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PHOTOS: Gold Plated, Diamond Encrusted Iphone 6 is Out! Cost £2.3m



The most expensive iPhone 6 is out and it is presently on sale for £2.3m. The phone is not only made up of 24-carat gold; it is encrusted with countless tiny diamonds.The company behind the outrageous design, which sees the Apple logo made up of diamonds as well as lining the side of the device with the precious jewels, is called Goldgenie.The company reportedly counts Usain Bolt, retired football star,? David Beckham and music mogul, P.Diddy among its elite clients.
It is reported that if you can’t afford to splash out on the diamond edition, Goldgenie offers personalised phones starting from £9,700 which is still over (roughly N2m in estimation).

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