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Ladies! Find Out Why Responsible Men May Avoid Asking You Out This Valentine



Below are reasons Why Responsible Guys May Refrain Themselves From Asking You Out This Valentine.
1. Indecent Look
One of my lecturers used to say “Some people will get a job at the doorstep by their appearances; and not everybody will be offered jobs by the quality of English they spew”. Your nyansh and bosoms are tattooed and your waist chain can be seen by everybody when you bend or climb okada. There are about 6 pair of earrings dangling on your ear and you are like, I live my life the way I want. I’m sorry a responsible dude from a good Christian/Muslim home dare not take you home else he would be disowned.
My sister, you don’t need T.B Joshua to tell you that it can’t attract reasonable people into your life but only those who just want to have a taste of your kitty-cat and run like a clapper cos your looks has given an impression that you have nothing to offer than to relief their konji.
2. Bad Behaviour
Are you aware that guys make a little research before making any advances to you? Of course, they do. They might ask someone who knows you very well just to know how responsible you are. If he gets negative reports such as, that babe is ill-mannered; or that babe too dey pack men up and down, he will definitely make overtures in respect he had heard of you and would probably want to mark register if he was told unpleasant things…
3. You Are Not Financially Disciplined
Our ladies should always show to men that they would rather manage than beg. However, when a lady is never ashamed to show that she’s obsessed with money, it will definitely piss you off by dint of a disposition of money- grubbing who is no way different from those hungry ladies who make use of BIS & recharge card as method of carrying out extortion exercise. This will send a bad signal to him that you have nothing to offer other than to be on the receiving side.
4. You Are Too Artificial
Natural look is out of your dictionary, your fingers and toe nails are painted in rainbow colours, your face is as painted as still life painting and bleaching creams has turned your skin to multi-colour, that is, the colour of your face no long rhyme with that of your neck and vice versa (but you are fond of saying that “my natural skin is coming out and that is an evidence of good living). Truth be told, your chances of attracting responsible men/ guys into your life is N0.5kb
5. Lack of Personality
You are beautiful no doubt, but its paramount to note that not every responsible guy is obsessed with your looks, walking steps, bosoms and ynash. You need a good personality to make your beauty more attractive
7. You Talk Too Much
Many guys like reserved ladies who don’t talk much. When I see a lady talking without manners, my reverence and chase for her drastically head on diminishing returns.
8. Low IQ
You should be able to lead a good conversation either you are into a guy or not, we guys like ladies who are fun to be with. That is, ladies that have little knowledge of everything (football, technology, scrabble and all that). If your reply to every question is “5n u? Kul u? Yap u?, He concludes you are so boring and your IQ cannot match with his, therefore, refrain himself from asking you out.

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