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EXPOSED!!! Check Out How Buhari And Jega Planned To Rig This 2015 Election



The tactful extension of the date for this coming election was crucial to avert an elaborate and dubious plans of Buhari, APC and Jega collaboration to disenfranchise the electorates by rigging. After the council of state meeting which ended without members reaching an agreement on the possible extension of the election date, INEC was asked to seek advice and consult with stake holders, especially the military who will be tasked with providing security on the election date. The result of these consultations was obvious because, the stake holders made it clear that they were not ready for the election yet. They said, should INEC decides to go ahead with the election without waiting for a conducive time then, the consequences will be on their head alone. Hence the postponement of the election date of which APC is not happy because of how it will disrupt their evil plans to massively rig the election.
Meanwhile, Jega and Buhari have carefully developed and commenced their rigging plans even before the election happened. They have developed more than 7 core strategies to use to ensure that the outcome of this election goes their way. Here are some of their plans.
1) Buhari and Jega in collaboration with some INEC officials and APC members of Hausa/Fulani Muslims origin in the north have successfully registered THOUSANDS of their people from the neighbouring countries. There are over 100,000 registered voters who are not Nigerian citizens, these people were registered in their native countries of NIGER, CHAD and CAMEROON. It is a fact that Jega and Buhari are well aware and approved of many illegal registration centres situated outside the territories of Nigeria. Their sole intention is to use this FAKE registered voters to increase Buhari’s votes and chances of winning. This strategy has been used many times in the past by the same group in both census and elections in that regions. Buhari and Jega are guilty of these crimes and they are fully aware that what they are doing is against Nigerian and International law. In fact, the most annoying part of the whole issue is that they ensured that these non-Nigerians received their PVC even before Nigerian citizens started collecting theirs.
2) Buhari and Jega also worked together to ensure that more illegal voters were registered in the Northern Muslim populated areas of Nigeria. Children as young as 4 years old have been seen parading their PVC in those areas. From the report gathered by witnesses, all the Alimagirins and every child of school age in most of the Northern Muslims populated areas have been registered and also given their PVC. There are estimated over 3 million under aged voters registered to vote in those areas with a few thousands registered across the border in Chad, Niger and Cameroon. Jega is aware of this and specifically instructed his men to go ahead with the plan. Buhari also encouraged his members to supervise this illegal activities in order to use them to secure victory at the polls.
3) Buhari and Jega have also successfully encouraged the registration of non-existent voting amputees. In Fact, only in the northern region alone, there are more than a million registered amputees. In one local government area alone in Zamfara state, there were reports of about 70 thousand registered amputees. One would begin to wonder how that is possible and how many people actually live in Zamfara state for them to have such numbers of amputees concentrated in one area. These fake amputees will be used to stack up votes for Buhari as they will be voting by proxy.
4) Jega and Buhari ensured that there are thousands of new polling stations created in the Northern Muslims dominated regions. These polling stations are mostly located near the border of Nigeria with Chad, Niger and Cameroon with the aim of granting easy access to all those illegal non Nigerian registered voters and for the Terrorist group (Boko Haram) members to vote. They expect those areas to be under the control of the insurgence during the election period so that they can easily manipulate the votes and stuff the ballot boxes with pre thumped ballot papers. Buhari has been in communication with the insurgence ever since he declared his intention to run for presidency through many secret sources that is why he is so confident that should he win, insurgency will be a thing of the past.
5) Jega and Buhari have also made sure that millions of fake PVC and Ballot papers are made available to be distributed to their supporters in some southern states. These materials are currently in the custody of some of the Northern Muslim traditional rulers. They plan to use official INCE personnel and vehicles to transport these materials to where they will be used. Jega has ensured that this plan will go ahead without any difficulties. Amechi will be instructed on using these materials to manipulate the Rivers and Bayelsa states election results.
6) Jega and Buhari also made sure that there are less voters registered in all PRO Jonathan states especially the south eastern and south southern states. They also ensured that Lagos state has similar problems. They did this by employing fewer staffs to conduct the registration, hoarding materials, deliberately delaying and slowing down registration process, instructing their (special) supervisors to destroy valid registration forms, disrupting and slowing the PVC distribution and making it hard for anyone that looks younger than 18 to register. Their aim is to ensure that most Pro Jonathan eligible voters are denied their rights to vote.
7) Jega and Buhari in their last stroll to ensure victory at the polls have made sure that more than 75% of INEC officials are Muslims from the Northern region. All the key INEC positions are occupied by Muslims that were ordained by Buhari and handpicked by Jega for the sole purpose of rigging this election. There was nothing like applying the federal characters in the selection and employment process of INEC senior officials. This fact is public knowledge as you can see the heads of INEC in most states are Muslims and the majority of INEC officials are also Muslims.
There are many other dubious plans put in place by Buhari’s special team and the APC to massively disenfranchised Nigerians and to massively rig this election that are yet to be exposed.. Jega’s decision to not disqualify Buhari despite all the evidence of forgery of certificate among others, is indicative they the two men are working together. Nigerians should thank God for this postponement and keep vigilant to ensure that when this election finally holds, that there will be Zero Tolerance for rigging and manipulation. They should also demand that Jega and Buhari comes out clean with these allegations and a call for a vote of no confidence on INEC boss Jega is most appropriate at this stage. Remember, your vote is your right, don’t let anyone rob you off it.

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