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END TIME!: Primary 2 pupils in Zimbabwe caught having group sex



Some Grade Two pupils in a primary school at Bulawayo in Zimbabwe were caught having group sex during break time.
According to Zimbabwean website,, the school authorities caught them in act after one of the pupils was seen crying profusely for reportedly being left out of the group sex.
A teacher at the school is reported as saying, “what happened is that the groundsman heard one of the Grade 2 pupils sobbing bitterly at the classroom corner and got concerned. When he asked her what had happened, the girl while pointing at some pupils who were having sex said: ‘Uhlala esenza lo, lalowana, lalowaya mina engangenzi’ (meaning he is always doing others while leaving me out.) When the shocked groundsman asked the pupils what they were doing they quickly dressed up and ran back to their classrooms.”
The groundsman then reported the case to the headmistress who led a team of teachers to search the school bags of the pupils.
A collection of pornographic discs and condoms were found in their school bags.
This has since compelled the school authorities to adopt a new stop-and-search policy.
In a related development some teachers in the district have intiated a project where they conduct lessons and distribute condoms.

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