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AFCON 2015: Hayatou Blasts Western Media



CAF president Issa Hayatou has slammed the global news media for focusing too much on the violence that occurred at the end of the African Nations Cup semi-final between Ghana and Equatorial Guinea.
The Black Stars supporters were evacuated and play stopped for over 30 minutes after home fans threw objects on the pitch and in the stands, leading to riot police firing teargas into the stadium. Equatorial Guinea were fined $100,000 and ordered to pay for the treatment of Ghana supporters who were injured, but Hayatou said western media dramatised the events on Thursday, going so far to say outlets were there to “perpetuate colonisation.” “The press always dramatise, particularly the western press,” he said.
“When something bad happens in Europe, they say it’s an error. When something happens in Africa, they begin talking about corruption.
“What happened in that [abandoned 2012] match between Serbia and Italy? It’s the same as what happened here, but when it’s Africa it’s different. It’s irrelevant that it’s a semi-final. It’s a football match. The western media are simply here to perpetuate colonisation.”

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