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ADVICE PLEASE: His Girlfriend Was Raped, Should He Continue With Her?



Just got this story from a reader:
We’ve been friends since October, but recently we started dating..
Day b4 Yesterday, in the morning, she called and asked for directions to a street in Uyo, she said she wanted to visit a friend. She’s a social type, so I didn’t bother asking who she wanted to visit.
Like an hour latter, she called but I missed the call, and when I tried calling back, the phone was off..
Around 6.30 pm, I called and she said she was still at the friend’s place.. Her voice was down, but I didn’t bother asking y.
Yesterday she used a guy’s pics on her bbm d.p, and wrote ‘I hate u’ on it. I asked her y, though she didn’t want to tell me, she latter said the guy had raped her.
After she tried calling me, the guy had snatched the phone from her, and turned it off..
Somehow, ave forgiven her, but am confused.. This is d second time, someone has disflowered my girlfriend.. Though not the same girl..
I can’t forgive the guy but I don’t know if to continue the relationship

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