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24-Year-Old Girl Electrocuted While Pinging In The Bath Tub



Evgenia Sviridenko, 24, was pinging on her blackberry phone while relaxing on her bathtub until she misteakenly dropped her phone. Evgenia was sharing the apartment with 23 year-old Yaroslav Dubinina, who reported the incident.
Yaroslav told police:
“I noticed that she had been gone a while, and when I couldn’t raise her I opened the door and saw her floating on the water looking pale. I saw her phone which was on charge at the bottom of the bath. Her body was still shaking from the shock.”
Miss Sviridenko’s death comes days after another Russian girl, aged 16, died after taking her charging iPhone into a shower.
In August, Chinese media reported a teenager was electrocuted when she plugged her iPhone into an unofficial charger.The victim was Wu Weyuan, 18, a student from Korla, in Xinjiang province, western China.She was found by her sister, who noticed a burning smell when she came home from work.
Apple and blackberry has previously released statements on there websites warning users of the dangers of cheap unofficial chargers.

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