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Your Soldiers Are Cowards, Neither Jonathan Nor Buhari Can Rule Nigeria – Boko Haram Leader, Shekau



The controversial leader of the Boko Haram terror group Abubakar Shekau on Tuesday declared the duo of President Goodluck Jonathan and his 2015 arch-rival, Muhammadu Buhari as infidels who cannot rule Nigeria. He declared that the war he is waging would soon bring democracy to an end.
Mr. Shekau who spoke in a 36 minutes video released via youtube also warned that more killings and attacks would be recorded in the days to come as he boasted that the quantum of ammunition his group has so far seized from the Nigerian army especially in Baga would be enough to prosecute a war against Nigeria.
The man whom Nigeria military authority had declared dead on three occasions in the last two years said his group would soon bring Nigeria to its knees and warned the governments of the neighbouring countries, comprising of Chad, Cameroon and Niger of similar attacks. Mr. Shekau who appeared in the video standing in front of three patrol jeeps mounted with anti-air assault guns was dressed in his usual military khaki with an AK47 hanging from his shoulder across his chest.
He delivered his long speech, first in Arabic which lasted for 17 minutes and then in Hausa for about seven minutes. He ended his speech by burning a Nigerian flag, and replacing it with his group’s flag that had a black background and white inscription.

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