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They Are Now Using Fine Girls To Kidnap Men For Rituals



A reader just sent me this story, so I decided to alert you all.
I want to use this opportunity to expose this evil I encountered just a few days ago. The reason why I post in this section is because this is where perverted brothers are being bred day and night. Think well and shine your eye before you follow that fine girl to her house and before you know it you will wake up Unclad tied to a stick inside one bush in calabar.
I don’t know if its because of this forthcoming election but one has to be very careful especially this romance section boy looking for one way to catch woman or the other. Before you know it you will be the one inside the net.
This is how it happened, I just went to buy akara early in the morning that I will use for breakfast and was about coming back with my akara when a honda crosstour suv pulled over beside me. I minded my business and was about to leave going before I heard a horn as one fine voice said, “Good morning sir” and turned my head to look.
It was one very pretty young lady not up to 30 inside wearing an expensive suit and I wondered how she is so rich or maybe its her papa connection. She said she was looking for one olu obasanjo road like that and if I know direction. I was about to start explaining as it was not too far but the streets were somewhat confusing and it looked like she was in a hurry so she offered that I join her in the vehicle and lead the way.
I quickly dropped my akara and told the akara woman that I will collect it later. I had already started to plan me move on how to introduce my self as I jumped inside the car.
I don’t know how it happened but before we reached the end of the street, I became dizzy and confused as I began consciousness.
I was fighting to keep myself awake, I had no strength in me. I couldn’t even lift my hand as this young lady was speeding away. I also don’t know how it happened but after like 30 mins and we had gone far I started begging her to release me that I won’t tell anybody I know her, that I don’t want to die. she just laughed and said “this one wey you never sleep yet, you strong ooo. Don’t worry we will soon reach” as I heard that, strenght from no where surged into me and I punched her face, unlocked the door and threw myslef out of the car and landed hard on the pavement. She stopped and started reversing the car but when People on the road we were gathered to see what was happening, she just sped off as I kept pointing the car.
They carried me to a chemist where I later recovered and when I asked where I am they said am in calabar. No money on me except the akara change. I explained what happened and the people helped me to the park where they put me in a car to go back home.
If not that I was vigilant and refused to be shaken, I wonder what could have become of me.

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