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TB Joshua Takes Families Of Church Building Collapse Victims On A Shopping Spree



It’s been a while since anything was heard about the church collapse at the Synagogue Church of All Nations that claimed about 116 lives back in September last year.
Since then a coroner’s inquest has been ongoing to try to determine what exactly happened; an inquest, by the way, that Joshua has been avoiding like crazy. The church has meanwhile been falling all over itself in a pathetic attempt to assign other reasons for the tragedy aside the flagrant disregard for rules and human safety that led to it.
In the latest in a long line of tasteless attempts to smooth things over for himself, the Prophet himself, Temitope Balogun Joshua, has taken the families of some of the deceased who travelled all the way from South Africa to Nigeria on a shopping spree, as well as feted them in exclusive high class hotels.
According to reports, the shopping spree occurred on Christmas day, with the relatives  of some of the dead church members taken to buy whatever they wanted, the Prophet footing the bill.
One of those involved in the high end treatment was 47 year old Wonder Ndlovu. Her husband died in the tragedy and she described the great time she had in Nigeria to South African Newspaper, The Daily News.
“The Prophet is full of surprises…He took us to the city to see places. To our surprise, we shopped till we dropped and the bill was on him”
The group was also taken to a fine dinner at a posh hotel, as well as being handed N50, 000 in cash to use for whatever they wanted to.
“He took us to a five-star posh hotel for dinner, fine food and drinks. The hotel is in Victoria Island.
There were more surprises. The mamas who took us shopping knocked and presented us with N50, 000 each”
They were also taken to the site of the collapse, where Joshua laid hands on and prayed for them.
It looks like a very well orchestrated move from SCOAN, designed to get the deceased relatives on their side, and it appears to have worked wonders.
“We were having the time of our lives, forgetting the pain of the past and looking forward to picking up the pieces and moving on” Ndlovu added.
If I got this VIP treatment I might be willing to forget a lot of things too. The question here is whether this is a genuine attempt at amends from T.B Joshua, or just a way to buy himself out of trouble.
Seeing as how he has even yet to acknowledge responsibility in what happened, blaming it on other forces all this while, I doubt he sees himself as having any amends to make. He is just interested in getting these families off his back, some of whom had threatened to sue based on the events leading to the collapse.
They say faith moves mountains, next time try money.
What do you think of these latest antics from T.B Joshua?

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