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Reasons Why Ladies Like Sex But Pretend They Hate It In Relationships



1. To Portray An Image Of A Secondary Virgin
When a lady knows that lying about being a virgin will definitely haunt her, she would resort to pretend about hating sex just to signal to you that she has only had it quite a few number of times
2. They Are Hypocrites
YES many ladies will never admit the fact that they willingly allowed their men to get under their skirts because they really wanted it, they are always like, he seriously disturbed and forced me so I couldn’t help order than give it to him
3. They Don’t Have To Flaunt It
I think they just feel they don’t have to flaunt it. Guys have a tendency to make their sex life more public than girls; they consider it a point of pride, a confirmation of their manhood.
4. She Wants You To Beg Her For It
An average Nigerian lady will definitely want you to crawl on the floor begging her for sex because she sees it as a great favour and that your life depends on it Therefore, because she doesn’t want to be seen cheap or desperate, she’s most likely to pretend she doesn’t want it even if she does
5. Because You Haven’t Gotten Under Her Skirt
When you haven’t gotten under the skirt of a lady, she will most likely hide her sexual feelings from you but when you have done the deed quite a number of times, she will not hide it anymore
6. They Are Pretenders By Default
If possible ladies will pretend that they not poo or urinate. Most dudes may be desirious of constant sex in a kind of back of the mind sort of way. It is just their way of getting through life.
But to the ladies, since pretence runs their veins, they are mostly like to tell you they don’t want it
7. She Wants To Know If You Are Sharp
Most of our ladies claim that sex is not a yardstick for true love yet these same ladies will dump you when you are too slow and refuse to do the needful. However, she might just say it just to test you, then it’s over to you to show you smart you are, else you will get dumped
8. She Doesn’t Want You To Turn Her To A intimacy gadget
Most guys take advantage of ladies who are being sincere about loving sex and will not hesitate to turn them to intimacy gadget
9. She Doesn’t Want To Be Seen As Sluts
In our society, ladies who openly seek and desire sex are branded as sluts and whores. It’s acceptable for men to be horn-dogs and chase after everything in a skirt but if a woman does likewise, she’d be thought of negatively by the vast majority of people. Therefore she will deny she doesn’t like it

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