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Policeman In Trouble After An 'Ashewo' He Planned To 'Deal With' Was Found Dead



For not being able to curb his utterances, a police officer attached to the Iponri Police Station in Lagos State, Corporal Ahonsi Matthew, is in hot waters after a prostitute he threatened to deal with, Joy Okoye, was found dead a day later with her vital organs cut off, raising suspicions that he may have been responsible for her death.
Presently, he is in detention at the Lagos State Police Command and is undergoing questions over the death of the lady.
Information from a police source has it that Corporal Matthew had threatened Okoye after she got into trouble with another prostitute who is Matthew’s girlfriend, in their brothel at the Adeniji area of Lagos. And being the girlfriend of an officer of the law, the lady had put a call to Matthew who is said to be married with children.
Promptly, he left his duty post and went down to the brothel to see the ‘ashewo’, (harlot), who had the effrontery to fight with an officer’s girlfriend.
On getting to the brothel, Matthew was said to have flown into a rage and promised to make the place uncomfortable for Okoye though he was restrained from laying a finger on her by other patrons.
But trouble was lurking in the wait for him when, the very next day, Okoye’s corpse was discovered by other prostitutes in her room with her private organs like Bosom s, eyes, honeypot, tongue and other parts missing from her body.
Promptly, they pointed accusing fingers at Corporal Matthew who was arrested and detained, though he denied killing the lady.
He is still trying to exonerate himself from the murder rap hanging on his head.

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