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Nigerians Want To See Naked Girls But Pretend Not To – Angela Philips



Beautiful and busty Nollywood actress, Angela Philips, seems to have a kind of disappearing acts with the media. There was a time she disappeared into thin air and only reappeared when news was running riot that she was living in a church with her pastor. Now after a long lull, sultry Angela was seen at an event in Lagos she talked with Potpourri.
For those who have a long memory, you would have to excuse it for a minute or so. Forget Angela had told us she was a born-again Christian of high spirituality. I guess that happened to her when she met her Pastor, then “old things have passed away’ but making out of what she told Potpourri those “Old things may be things of future past”.
In the chat with Potpourri, she wasn’t talking about Christ coming soon, but about nudity and sex and how it is the salt of entertainment. She even took a jibe at Nigerians, observing that Nigerians are hypocrites who love nudity but pretend not to because of some cultural and religious orientations they would sooner kick than keep.
“That’s what the public want to see, so why are they complaining? They shouldn’t complain. If you shoot a movie where everyone is well dressed and covered from head to toe, nobody will buy it. They want to see naked girls. Nigerians should stop pretending. That’s what we like and those are the things that sell. Look at the musicians for instance, how many gospel songs sell? But when you look at the secular music, you’ll realise they’re making waves. Look at our music videos. Everybody likes nudity, be it in movies or music, so they should stop complaining,” she bares her mind.

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