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My Heart Is Broken For Muna!- Stephanie Okereke, Genevieve Others Morns Muna



Following the death of popular actor,  Muna Obiekwe, who died  on January 18 after a long battle with kidney- related issues, the news of his death has been a difficult story to believe as his colleagues have kept sending in their condolences.
Mike Ezuronye – I always laughed whenever we were together on set
The news was a hard- hit because Muna was the kind of guy you enjoyed working with. He believed in Nollywood and  our ability to get better. He was a talented actor. I remember laughing anytime we were on set because he was that kind of guy. I was not aware he was ill. The last time I saw him was two years ago on the set of a movie. Nollywood has lost a great guy.
Stephanie Okerereke – My heart is broken….
It will take a while for this to sink in,  for me to get over the shock and accept that this is real. Muna Obiekwe has passed on and the vacuum his death left is so huge. His death is really sad and shocking. I had the privilege of working with him a few times and he always exuded professionalism and dedication. His demise is unfortunate and untimely and he will be greatly missed. I’m sending my love to his family and everyone who loved him. My heart is broken by this news.
Genevieve Nnaji
My heart goes out to Muna’s family and loved ones. He was a gifted actor with a good heart. Rest in Peace Muna Obiekewe. You will be missed.
Van Vicker
“Oh My God! When death strikes Nollywood or the African film industry stars ‘I Shake’ but I know he is in control. Muna my brother, I had the opportunity to work with you twice in my career, you did inspire me to be at my best.
Chika Ike
RIP to my dear colleague, Muna Obiekwe. You will live in our hearts forever.
Stella Damasus,
I  could not believe the news at first, just like other fans of Muna, because of the fake twitter post.
I just confirmed it from close friends and relatives that he is really dead.  The messages on twitter that he was still alive was from a fake account. So this is my pain, how do you know what to believe and what not to believe? Where do we draw the line? Over 9,000 people on twitter believed that he was still alive because of fake twitter account.”
Ibinabo Fiberesima – Muna came into life’s stage and played his role well
I celebrate you,
I celebrate your life,
I celebrate your achievements
Life is only as long as the word NOW
Everything else is in our mind
Our memories, our hopes
You came unto life’s stage
Played your role well
You shone like a million stars
You gave us laughter
You gave us joy
You lit up the dark corners of your sphere of influence with your smiles
Tears well up in our eyes
Our throats are choking as we sob
Our knees are weak, we can hardly stand
Oh death
Why Muna?
Why now?
As you go ahead of us
We bid you adieu!
The heavenly hosts welcome you
We can hear the applause as you mount the celestial stage.
Charles Novia – He was an actor who had panache beyond comparison
I never really met him or knew him personally but I admired his acting skills whenever I watched the movies he featured in. He was an actor who had a panache beyond comparison in many of his roles. I always thought he was damned good.
That he is dead is a sad reality. That he died at all when he lived and still lives in our hearts and on our screens is the painful jolt to our systems. Because in Nollywood, actors (and good ones too, in Muna’s mould) never really die. They only transcend to another place where, perhaps, the ovation they receive over there gives lasting peace to their souls.
What can one really say about Muna? I never knew much about him and perhaps many people did not as well. He seemed to live a life less glimpsed in personal details than that more appreciated on the television screens. He seemed to me to be a recluse.
Ini Edo – I still can’t believe this
I’m so broken to say the least. I know we aren’t supposed to question God. I just can’t help this one. His little kids and young wife,where do they go from here? RIP muna Obiekwe, you were a happy jolly good fellow. I worked with you on several projects and I sincerely can’t remember you having issues with anyone. You will be missed. I can’t still believe this.
Tchidi Chikere
This is really sad to hear and talk about. Though I did not work with the late Muna, I met him at several times and I will say he was full of  life. He left us at a very young age and one is forced to say it is a demise of his beautiful talent. My heartfelt thoughts are with his family at this time.
Omoni Oboli – I wish I could have known him better
I wish I could have known you better. I wish I could have worked with you. I wish the news was false…alas…adieu colleague. Your candle burned out long before your legend ever will. May God give your family the fortitude to bear this great loss.

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