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MUST READ: Yaya Toure Reveals Why He Runs Away From Women



Ivorian professional footballer,  Gnégnéri Yaya Touré, known as Yaya Toure has revealed recently how women can be totally embarrassing.
The 31-year-old Manchester City midfielder has made it known that his most feared opponents are women and not the physically strong men he has to fight through for club and country.
The devoted Muslim who was earning a whooping 15 million USD as at 2012 has clearly made it known that he decides to stay away from women for the sake of peace and love for wife, Gineba. In a new interview, Toure revealed how he deals with the unwanted attention.
“I hide. In order to escape them you have to change your phone number regularly as they’ve all got good contacts. But you can’t live without a phone as there are things to deal with every day.
“Sometimes I wonder what’s going through girls’ heads. It’s embarrassing.
“There was one who openly courted me. It was really shocking! She asked for my phone number and I gave her a wrong number in order to get away from her.
“I escape from them. I’m married. My wife is enough for me. I like peace and that’s my way of living.”
Toure prefers his home life to the loud living of most football stars: “I’m very much a stay-at-home person. I like classical music. I don’t want to tire my spirit listening to loud music.”
The footballer and his wife are blessed with a child, Dimitri Touré.

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