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INTERESTING: 10 Questions President Jonathan Wants Buhari To Answer Ahead 2015 Poll



Barely five weeks before the presidential polls, the incumbent President, through his Special Adviser on New Media, Reno Omokri, have come out with 11 questions he wants the former Head of State to answer for all Nigerians to know if he really decides to rule Nigeria once again after being  a military ruler in 1983.
Below are the ten questions Omokri tweeted on his official Twitter account, @renoomokri on January 9, 2015:
1) Has Buhari apologized to Ben
Ogedengbe’s family for killing him for a
crime that didnt carry death penalty
when he committed it.
2) Why did Buhari regime use violence to
stop the September 1985 National
Conference of the National Assn of
Nigerian Students?
3) Has Buhari apologized for jailing Tai
Solarin & denying him his asthma drugs
simply because he campaigned against
military rule?
4) Has Buhari apologized for jailing Nduka
Irabor and Tunde Thompson for writing
a truthful report which embarrassed his
5) Has Buhari apologized for raiding Papa
Awolowo’s house and seizing his
passport so he couldn’t travel out of the
6) Has Buhari apologized for throwing VP
Alex Ekwueme in jail even though it was
proven that Ekwueme DID NOT steal?
7) What reason did Buhari have for jailing
Ojukwu in 1984? Ojukwu was not in
Shagari’s govt and he did not steal!
8) What reason did Buhari have for jailing
honest Pa Michael Adekunle Ajasin, who
did not steal as Ondo State Gov?
9) Can Buhari explain to young Nigerians
why he banned the National Association
of Nigerian Students? Does he hate
10) What reason did Buhari have for jailing
the activist Beko Ransome Kuti who
campaigned for his brother, Fela’s

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