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Father Sacrificed His Five Children To Gain Magic Powers



Police manhunt for a father-of-six who allegedly strangled five of his children to death in the hope the sacrifice would grant him magical powers, Saeed Khan, Pakistan.
Fourty-year-old Ali Nawaz Leghari on the run after killing the two girls and three boys, who are aged between three and 13. Leghari who practices in black magic believed to have serious money problems.
According to some locals, the brutal killing of five innocent children is the sacrifice, as  their father thought it would give him eternal youth and the ability to turn normal metals into gold. During investigation it was discovered that the man had initially attempted to poison the family’s dinner but had been caught red-handed by his wife.
But after awhile when his wife and eldest son were out of the house, Leghari took advantage of the situation and sedated the remaining five children and then used a rope that was found at the scene to strangle them. The police is now hunting for Leghari who took the bus and fled in an unknow direction.
Belief in black magic is particularly strong in rural parts of Pakistan including the impoverished southern Sindh province where the killings took place

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