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Boko Haram's Attempt To Capture Uba Town Foiled By Military



Boko Haram insurgents recently attempted to capture Uba town, just about 35 kilometers from the commercial town of Mubi but were stopped by the Nigerian Military.
Witnesses on ground revealed that the military engaged the insurgents and that they had attacked around 7:30am Saturday morning.
One resident who goes by the name, Bello said that the terrorists had tried to take over the town but soldiers stationed at Uba repelled the attack.
Bello said: “The attackers came in the wee hours of today Saturday and started shooting sporadically at the Nigerian troops in an attempt to capture the town”.
“However, the soldiers and local hunters engaged them in a gun duel. But the soldiers later succeeded in repelling the attack.”
Witnesses also confirmed casualties on both sides both the military is yet to confirm the casualties.
Uba residents had fled to bushes as the insurgents began the attack, Mubi residents hearing of the attack also fled for their dear lives.
Another resident named, Aliyu Musa revealed that the battle had sparked tension as many ran into the surrounding bushes and hilltops for safety.
“There was serious pandemonium in Mubi as news filtered that Boko Haram insurgents have attempted to take over Uba town which is just a stone throw away from Mubi.
“But the security forces were able to repel the insurgents and as I am speaking to you, normalcy has started returning to Mubi following assurances by security personnel that they are on top of the situation,” Mr. Musa said.
The residents thanked the Nigerian military for the security being provided and begged the FG to seek a permanent end to the Boko Haram crisis.

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