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11 Mistakes Ladies Make When Their Guy Cheats On Them



Most ladies may not like this, but relationship is all about applying wisdom, and not foolishness. If your guy is always cheating on you,try putting all these steps into practice then you see how far it goes. Ladies any man who cheats on you does not deserve you,let alone your tears.
1. Demanding to know about the other woman: For what reason do you want to know her? You don’t need to know her because if he cheats on you for her,he will cheat on her for some other women. So why worry your brains? Young people don dey get high blood pressure now ooooo!
2. Forcing him to choose btw you and her:
There is no competition here cos if he loves you,he will never have cheated on you in the first place. but i no blame you sha, u don too watch all these useless love and romantic series movies……
3. Scrolling through his phone: These have cause problem in most relationships. You don’t need to search his phone now, asked yourself “ Will you be able to withstand what you will see? You’ll definitely see unclad pictures of other ladies and some annoying stuffs on your boyfriends phone,thats certain….. 
4. Beating the other woman up: Be mature in this aspect. Love is worth fighting for BUT not physical battle. You pray about it and if nothing happens,please! move on with your life.abi na so the guy dickson sweet
reach or e wear gold?  
5. Threatening to leave just to scare him:
Leave him already !!!! And stop giving false and empty threats only!!!! Threatening him will not help matters because if you have what it takes to keep him and he can’t find it in the other woman he will come back to you.
6. Insulting him: You don’t need to insult him to show how angry you are, doing that makes him feel that you are afraid of losing him.all you have to do is to behave calm and gentle, instead of insulting him.
7. Committing Suicide: Seriously, when you are gone, you are gone! If you take your life because of a man that doesn’t deserve you, you are such a joke! abi, are you a learner? It is hell fire and God will not be happy with you. No man is worth dying for and it is only
Christ who died for you and . Abi are you the second jesus christ? Are you going through a hard and tough heartbreak right now, try and be strong. He left you because he couldn’t handle it,and that you are too good for him and in order to create space for the right man to come in.
8- Embarking on a revenge mission just to give themselves a false sense of justice… Two wrongs never make a right…. Just because he cheated on you with your bestie doesn’t mean that you should go out of your way to fucck the living daylight out of his best friend too  ….. For your information, men aren’t the ones who are called ‘hoes’ when they become a public commodity…. Women are …. So don’t sacrifice your dignity on the alter of blind vengeance… After all the Bible says, ‘Vengeance is of the Lord’s’
9- Crying and asking him what you have done to deserve this… Many girls do this when they are so besotted with the dude, that they let their common-sense fly out the window…. You don’t have to do or not do anything for your guy to cheat… Asking him why he cheated is like asking him ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’  …. If you think you can’t bear it, simply dump his sorry asss and move on to better things…
10- Complaining to your Pastor…. This sounds funny, but many girls actually go this far… Fornication is already a sin on its own, now you report to your pastor, who in turn brings in the Holy Ghost to come and settle issues between you fornicators. The thunder that would soon fire both of you is doing press-up.
11 Stubbornly refusing to accept a sincere and unreserved apology…. To err is human, to forgive divine… If the dude is really showing remorse and has clearly made up his mind not to go down that path again, don’t be hard on him, else he just might change his mind again, and tell you to go to hell … Point is, if u want to dump him, dump him fast. If you want to forgive him, please forgive him with as little drama as possible.

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