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TOO BAD: 23-Year-old Medical Student Jumps Under Moving Train After Failing Exams



Anita Trivedi, a 23-year-old Kings College medical student, has committed suicide by jumping under a moving train after failing her exams. Reporters that Trivedi, from Newham, East London, was depressed after having to resit her fourth year at medical school. Before the suicide, Anita suffered from mood swings, eating problems, hair loss and even attacked a classmate in the toilet. The victim told a Southwark Coroner’s Court that Anita attacked her for no reason. “She turned her head towards me and just lunged at me and started attacking me. “She put her right fist out and started to attempt to punch me and I kept putting my hands out to stop. “Then she hit me really hard on the left side of my head. I bent over the sink because I would have fallen over if I hadn’t put my hands out. “I screamed ‘help’ and she ran out.”
Anita took her own life by, jumping into the way of a freight train that was travelling through a station near the medical school’s campus. In a statement read at the inquest, the driver of the train said he saw someone on the tracks and tried to stop it, adding that the person did not leave the tracks even after he sounded the horn. “The train was coming to a stop and I was able to see the person lying on the track. “The person made no attempt to get up off the track. “When the train came to a halt 250 foot after the impact with the person and could not have stopped in time. It seemed to me this was a deliberate act.” A number of eyewitnesses also confirmed that they saw the deceased jump under the train. Anita’s father, Kailash Trivedi said his daughter did not look depressed after failing her exams. “She was beautiful, very pretty, she cared for everybody, she always remembered birthdays and Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. She was everything,” he said. “She was so good, so nice, so polite, so courteous. I miss her so much.” Her friend, Darena Dineva, however said she struggled after the failure. The Kings College has issued an official condolence message to the family.

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