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Pope Urges Muslims To Stop Violence



Muslim leaders were urged by Pope Francis to condemn clearly violent attacks carried out in the name of Islam, Punch informs.
It is known that suggestion of a global condemnation of terrorism by Muslim leaders was made during the talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday.
Pope said: “I told the president that it would be beautiful if all Islamic leaders, whether they are political, religious or academic leaders, would speak out clearly and condemn this because this would help the majority of Muslim people”.
He also stresses that equating Islam with violence was wrong and that he understood why Muslims were offended by many in the West who automatically equated their religion with terrorism.
“They [Muslims] say: No, we are not this, the Quran is a book of peace, it is a prophetic book of peace.”
Besides, Francis calls to stop violence against Christians by ISIS.
“We cannot resign ourselves to a Middle East without Christians, who have professed the name of Jesus there for two thousand years,”  Francis concluded.

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