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FEAR?: PDP Gubernatorial Aspirant Wore Bullet Proof Vest To Lagos Primaries



One of the PDP Governorship aspirants, Babatunde Gbadamosi, popularly known as BOG, told journalists he wore a bullet proof vest to the primaries to avoid being hit by a stray bullet from the violence earlier today.
Although the party leadership had blamed the incident on thugs from the opposition party, Mr. Gbadamosi said it was PDP thugs that were responsible for the violence.
“I am wearing the bulletproof vest because I am afraid of being shot at but I am urging all my supporters to come and should not be intimidated,” he said.
“There is fear of intimidation and some people in the party want to intimidate the delegates but we will ensure that everyone will vote fearlessly and as it pleases them.”
He described as “unfortunate” the decision by the party leadership in Lagos to support Jimi Agbaje.
When asked if he was confident of winning, he said, “Would I have paid over N11m to purchase the form if I was not confident?”

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