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Okada Rider Beat Up Pregnant Woman To Coma For Grabbing His Balls



7- month pregnant woman was beaten to coma along the Lagos-Badagry expressway, near Oluti bus stop, Lagos by a commercial motorcyclist on Monday.
An eyewitness who spoke to Leadership newspaper, Mama Bola, disclosed that the pregnant woman, Feyisara, had paid the unknown rider a stipulated amount of money to convey her from Iyana Iba to First Gate bus stop, Maza Maza, only for him to drop her half way. An argument soon ensued and the latter held on to the former to prevent him from escaping.
“The pregnant woman, Feyisara said she had paid the okada rider the agreed amount only for him to lie that Alakija was the destination she told him. So, when they reached Alakija, he ordered the woman to get off but she refused insisting that she would get off at her destination. So, when the desperate rider wanted to escape and the woman stopped him, he attempted to remove her hands from his clothes but to no avail. The man parked the machine and forcefully removed her hands. The woman said she had no choice than to go after his private part. An action which probably angered the man as he punched her in the neck and the woman fell on a stone and was rolling on the ground when sympathisers saw her and took her to a private hospital. She was bleeding” she stated.
The whereabouts of the motorcyclist is unknown but Feyisara has reportedly regained consciousness in a private hospital, along Old Ojo Road, Agboju area.

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