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OH DEAR!: Referee Beaten To A Pulp For Awarding A Penalty



Mayhem ensued during a match between Ranchers Bees of Kaduna and Kwara United of Ilorin at the FIFA goal project pitch Abuja, yesterday when an irate mob of fans attacked the referee. According to, about 18 mins into the game, the referee had awarded a penalty to the Afonja warriors to the displeasure of players of Ranchers Bees. However, before the penalty could be taken, the referee was attacked by irate fans bringing the game to an abrupt halt.
Team manager of the Ilorin based NNL side Kwara United FC, Masambo Ibrahim told that
    “We started the match around 10:30am, and as the match was on, we were having upper hand in the game and two of their players handled the ball inside the penalty area and the referee awarded a penalty. As soon as the penalty was awarded, someone just carried a stone and hit the referee on the head and the referee was attacked and the whole venue turned upside down and the referee was beaten black and blue which lead to us all running helter skelter for safety.”

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