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EXPOSED: Governor Ayo Fayose Responsible For Ado-Ekiti Jail Break



Against the backdrop of upsurge in criminal activities in Ekiti State after Dr Peter Ayodele Fayose was elected as the governor, fresh facts have emerged that the trend was an orchestrated diabolical scheme for a political advantage.
Security sources hinted that the governor’s decision to cut security votes for the law enforcement agencies created a double-edge way for security breaches in favour of a larger scheme to return the state to a cauldron of fear where the government determines who to hold for these crimes and what punishments to mete to them.
The sources claimed that the governor is uncomfortable with the police lukewarm attitude in not acting his instructions in dealing with the opponents.
His anger is allegedly derived from the inactivity of the police after the DSS had proved conclusively that it would live by the standard of the service to be neutral in reporting the truth in all political activities in the state.
One of the sources added that even after the governor got the approval of the police headquarters in Abuja to post back to Ekiti State all the police officers that worked with Fayose to haunt the opposition during his first terrm, the desired results are not being felt, thus the need to unleash criminals that were once the governor’s friends.
The source explained: “The governor requested the police headquarters in Abuja to post back to Ekiti State his former Chief Detail, Adeyanju Awonuga, Joseph and another one called Shaba. Shaba is the most dangerous of the officers. Another notorious criminal, Charles Ovie Ojo, is not available, but Tope Jinadu, alias Tope Small, a notorious armed robber and assassin was in jail in Ado-Ekiti prison which was attacked yesterday.
“The jail break was planned by the government to achieve two things: one is to get notorious criminals out of the jail to help haunt the opposition. The other is to specifically use the jail break to free Niyi Adedipe, a staunch supporter of Fayemi, to enable him run away and after that use his escape to implicate Fayemi and his supporters as the people behind the jail break. But Niyi Adedipe didn’t use the jail break to escape to safety; he reported himself at a police station after the jail break and so there was no way you can accuse the opposition of orchestrating the jail break.
“As I speak, Tope Small is one of the prisoners on the loose that cannot be traced, as his whereabouts are not known. What this translates to is that Ekiti people should expect assassinations of opposition figures to enable their sponsors have free hands to do anything they want.”
The source said that the most irritating thing is that the governor is now accusing the prison officials of connivance to carry out the dastardly act to paint the Prisons authorities in bad light, adding that at the fullness of time, the secret of this devilish plot will be revealed.
“How can you organise this terrible incident and you now turn around to accuse the innocent prison officials of aiding this heinous crime? It is the height of devilish act I have ever seen in my life,” the source moaned.

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