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Best 2 & Worst 2 Banks In Nigeria



You might be wondering what motivated me to write on the banks in Nigeria and their performance. But the reasons are obvious, many people open Bank Accounts everyday in different banks in Nigeria only to regret their actions, while some who read the write reviews end up with a good bank.
Below are the list of the best two banks and the worst two banks.
Best 2 Banks in Nigeria:
1). First Bank Plc:
Just as we all know First bank is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria. Not only does it reflect in their level of service, it also reflect on the number of customers they have. They offer quality online service, and you have no problem making payment for goods &services with their cards online. They also have a good working environment (Banking Halls). You can’t blame them much for the long queue at their ATMs and Banking Hall.
2).. Fidelity Bank Plc:
They seems to have came out from nowhere, only to take over the banking industry. Fidelity Bank currently have a fast growing number of customers. They equally offer quality service with good working environment. With the rate at which they are opening branches around all parts of the country, I think they might end up taking over First Bank.
Worst 2 Banks In Nigeria:
1). UBA:
I know many of you might be wondering why UBA? But the reason aren’t far fetched. Most UBA’s branches across the country are poorly maintained, that at a point you wonder why they can’t use they money they are making to put up good structures?
Secondly the rate at which customers complain about illegal deduction in their account is so appalling. Imagine a friend had 20,000 in his savings account only to come back in a month time to be told he had just 15,000 left. He didn’t even give it a second thought before emptying & closing his account.
2). Union Bank:
Since after they had an issue with the popular Catholic Priest, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria, they seem to have lost its ground, upon it was among the first set of banks in Nigeria just like First  Bank. Currently the structure of most of their building has gone from bad to worst. And they have equally lost a large number of customer since then.
I know your experience with some of these banks might vary, but this was written based on the what majority has to say. Don’t forget to drop your comment so as to let us know about your experience with any of the banks mentioned above

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