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Why I Had Sex With Dogs – Arrested Lagos Robber



A 27-year-old man, arrested in Lagos State on suspicion of robbery, confessed he had sex with dogs and provided the explanation of his act.
The suspect identified as Bala Yayah had sexual intercourse with dogs to acquire spiritual powers before going for any operation.
According to the man, it allowed him to successfully carry out raids, P.M. News reports.
Yayah, resident of Badagry area, narrated that he had many girlfriend and 10 female dogs.
Before having been arrested, he took proper care of the animals using the stolen money.
He disclosed that once he had been advised by his spiritualist to sleep with dogs to have the powers.  The suspect followed the advice and said it worked for him.
Yayah was detained by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in his house and confessed upon interrogation that he belonged to the gang involved in terrorizing people along Lagos-Badagary expressway for years.
Yayah said he regretted having been in the gang and involved in the criminal acts. He also said that none of his neighbours knew he was using dogs for sex. People thought he was an animal lover.
The investigation is in process, and the man is to be charged after its completion, the police said

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