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SODOMY: Police Arrest Two Teenage Boys For Homosexual Act In Lagos



The Lagos State Police Command has arrested two teenage boys, Gideon Harrison, 19, and Ifeanyi Ezeorji, 14, for allegedly having sex with each other in the Ikotun area of Lagos. (street where it allegedly happened below)
According to Punch, the boys were arrested on October 23 by the Ikotun Police Division after they allegedly had sex with each other through the anus, an act known as sodomy. So the police saw them having sex or they picked them up based on hearsay? Read down to find out
The latter is the case. According to the report, a man named Toheeb Adekunle, who stays on Muka Street, Ijegun Road and works inside the Ikotun Motor Park, claimed he caught the two boys in the act. He then reported the matter to the police, who then picked up the boys. The boys are now at the State Criminal Investigations Department, Yaba. The police is planning to charge them to court and the crime carries about 7 to 14 years. But arresting them based on hearsay is not cool. Except maybe if there’s a video?
The 14 year old boy’s mother denied that her son indulged in the act, telling Punch
“My son is just 14 years old. He does not do such things. He is not even mature yet. He takes his bath outside, some times in the presence of his sisters to tell you that he is young. His father had died in September this year, and we have yet to bury him. The family is still grieving him. All I know is that there is no truth in the allegation.
“I don’t know about the other man. I have not even met him. On the day of the alleged incident, my son had strolled to the motor park, and there was a street fight. My son then told me later on that he was simply watching the fight, and he had been arrested by the police.”

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